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Seamless Affinities

Seamless Affinities is a virtual reality experience, a walk through the structures and mechanisms that operate when individuals face the challenge of the unknown. It aims at providing the visitor with a visual description of an inner architecture defined by patterns as functional models built on repetition. As individuals come across situations that are not in the realm of what they previously experienced, some possible answers could be translated into new identities. One needs to accept the experience of the unknown, or persist in a recurrent behavioral pattern that pursues familiarity.


The work begins and ends in the same virtual spaces exposed from different viewpoints. The visitor is able to decide whether to experience the second part of the work, while taking a journey through an environment that places in proximity representations of real objects and abstract elements, producing an atmosphere that is both common and obscure.


Seamless Affinities displays virtual reality – and technology, in an expansive view - as a tool for modelling new social configurations. The virtual is anchored in our current knowledge but also enables us to explore social and cultural alternatives, change perceptions and shape our future social practices by allowing us to shift the focus on what could be different.

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