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Claudia Brăileanu (b.1981) is a transmedia artist focused on displaying technology as a tool for modeling new social configurations. She investigates how virtual spaces enable the exploration of social and cultural alternatives shaping future social practices and shifting the focus on what could be different.

With a background in painting, her work primarily researches the medium through the lens of emerging technologies. She builds a visual language that interweaves abstraction and figuration while exploring the interplay between physical and digital environments and its impact on how we understand and relate to painting.

She is particularly interested in the influence of digital technologies on the array of social relations and behavioral patterns associated with painting.

Her practice encompasses 3D animation, virtual reality, installations, painting and prints.

She studied in Bucharest and Leipzig and holds an M.A. in painting. Her work was exhibited at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; Kunsthalle Bega, Timișoara; Gapgap, Leipzig; HGB Leipzig; Triade Foundation, Timișoara; Mobius Gallery, Bucharest; Victoria Art Center, Bucharest; Creart Gallery, Bucharest; ARCUB, Bucharest; MCC Art Gallery, Mesa, Arizona etc., and can be found in the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest collection and several private collections. She is currently part of “The World Is Not Enough” inaugural presentation of the Realworld Collection at New Float. Her work was published in Le Monde, Artribune, etc.

She lives and works in Bucharest.

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