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Claudia Brăileanu (b.1981) is a Romanian transmedia artist based in Bucharest. Drawing on her background in painting, she produces works that investigate how digital technologies are influencing and shaping the medium. She develops a visual vocabulary that enables her to explore and describe the interplay between the physical and virtual realms and its impact on our perception of painting. She sees the medium as a valuable resource to understand the intricate ways in which digital technologies are transforming our engagement with the world.

Her practice encompasses painting, 3D digital animation, virtual reality, augmented reality and digital prints.


She studied in Bucharest and Leipzig and holds an M.A. in painting. Her work was exhibited at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO); Kunsthalle Bega, Timișoara (RO); REALWORLD / NEW FLOAT (Realworld Art); collection De.Groen, Arnhem (NL); Spam_Index (online); Gapgap, Leipzig (DE); HGB, Leipzig (DE); Triade Foundation, Timișoara (RO); Mobius Gallery, Bucharest (RO); Creart Gallery, Bucharest (RO); MCC Art Gallery, Mesa AZ (USA); etc. and can be found in the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest collection and several private collections. Recent participations include “The World Is Not Enough. 23 Years of Digital Art from the New Float Collection” at New Float, (online) and Refraction and Proof of People festival, Brooklyn, New York. Her work was published in Le Monde, Artribune, etc.

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