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360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting


“360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting” explores the intricate ways in which digital technologies shape our perception of the natural landscape, as well as how we engage with various portrayals of the natural world through digital devices. At the center of this exploration lies a landscape painting - a synthesis of an imaginary landscape and a 3D scan of a physical terrain. The painting can be experienced in multiple digital settings, each unveiling its distinctive characteristics as well as its limitations. This painting takes on various forms, functioning as an interactive object, a static object, or a video that provides insights into its creation, serving as a visual description and commentary on its origin and materiality. 


Highlighting differences through repetition underscores the central theme of the work: evolving perceptions within diverse digital environments. This exploration delves into the process of shaping experiences through multiple interactions with objects and examines how the context in which we encounter these objects influences our understanding. The recurring experience of the painting in various digital settings highlights the unique attributes and limitations of each environment, which are also mirrored by the painting. Whether it's an individual experience in a desktop web browser, a multiplayer exhibition accessible on computers and mobile devices, or a virtual reality environment, each form of engagement provides a distinct perspective. 


The work also contemplates the influence of digital technology on the realm of painting and how our interactions with digital objects might potentially reshape established conventions concerning our engagement with artistic objects in the physical world.

"360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting" includes a virtual reality experience, an interactive software application for desktop web browsers, an interactive 3D digital painting that can be accessed through desktop and mobile web browsers, and a painting installation that is part of an online group show in a real-time multiplayer environment. All pieces in the project share the same title.

"360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting" is currently part of "Desktop Studies", curated and organized by Spam-Index for the 6th edition of The Wrong Biennale. 

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