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360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting - interactive landscape painting (WebGl - desktop web browsers)


click here or on the image above to experience the work in your browser - for PC/laptop only.

360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting is an interactive software application designed only for desktop web browsers and does not function on mobile/tablet. 

“360° Stereoscopic Landscape Painting” is an interactive landscape painting in which the image displayed on canvas is dependent on the viewer’s position. The work contemplates how digital technology can influence concepts associated with landscape painting by distorting representation patterns such as those related to “framing the view”. Capturing a specific view of a landscape can be a dynamic and interactive experience. 


The experience draws on a video providing a glimpse into the painting’s creation process. A particular frame from the video was selected and transformed into an interactive 3D digital object. Using the mouse, the viewers are able to move fragments of canvas to explore the missing perspectives from the view that extends beyond the canvas’s boundary, while continuously changing the painting’s composition. 


The work is a fragment of a larger project that also includes a virtual reality version, an interactive 3D digital painting that can be accessed through desktop and mobile web browsers, and a painting installation that is part of an online group show in a real-time multiplayer environment. All pieces in the project share the same title.

sound by Mihai Dumitrașcu

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